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Marketplace analytics - Stop running your business blindly

Marketplaces are emerging in every sector and the financial sector is no exception to this trend. For every product or service, for which multiple parties interact, marketplaces unfold to better match the supply and demand and improve the cooperation between the involved parties.
Marketplaces have however unique dynamics, due to their multi-facial nature, which means that the balance between the interests of the different involved parties needs to be carefully managed (i.e. achieve and conserve a critical mass for both supply and demand). In the spirit of Peter Drucker’s teaching "If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it", it is important to measure every aspect of the marketplace, in order to properly manage it.
Marketplace owners should be able toanswer instantly several business questions, e.g. What is the number of new visitors in the last X days?What is the percentage of visitors turned into new (paying) customers?What is the level of satisfaction of the users over tim…
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Fintech is dead, long live Fintech

The wordFintech(short for "Financial Technology") wasfirst recorded in the 1980’sin the Sunday Times. However it was only until the financial crisis of2007-2008, that the usage of theterm became more widespread. The resulting lack of trust in the traditional financial system inspired many tech-entrepreneurs to create new start-ups (often strongly VC backed) to compete with the financial industry, which was considered before the crisis as an impregnable fortress impossible to disrupt.
As the below Google Search graph depicts, it was however onlyabout 5 years ago, that theterm really became mainstream. As always, the more "buzzy" the term became, the more difficult it became to give a unique, commonly accepted definition for it.
Initially the term was used fortech-players competing directly with the incumbent banks, by offering banking services directly to end-customers (B2C or B2B), strongly backed by technology (such as AI, blockchain, big data…​). These Fintechs aim…

Monetization of a marketplace in the financial industry - Make your idea profitable!

Marketplaces are on the rise! A digital marketplace is an online platform, where different third-parties connect andsupply and demand can be matched. This supply/demand can be a specific product or service, but can also facilitate a full customer journey, by matching products and services of multiple vendors for each step of the journey (e.g. a customer journey of going on holiday can include flight tickets, travel insurance, hotel reservation, car rental…​). Marketplaces are however not new. Newspapers, shopping malls, auction places, travel agencies…​ have been creating marketplaces for centuries. The revolution of the internet allows however to scale-out a digital marketplace exponentially, while keeping costs relatively flat and make it 24/7 available across the whole world. Digital marketplaces are howevernot all success stories. Less than 10 percent of start-up digital marketplaces will become profitable.
This poor success rate is mainly caused by 3 factors: Fierce competition: comp…